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Up to 10-Year Extended Warranty

For complete peace of mind, all of our work is backed by our industry leading warranties.

As Daikin D1 Business Partner and Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Quality Partner, our manufacturer approved standards of installation, maintenance, and servicing allow us to offer extended manufacturer warranties of up to 7 and 10 years, respectively, on these manufacturers’ products.

Learn more about the benefits of choosing a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Quality Partner for your air conditioning installation.

10-Year Warranty

Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Quality Partner

All new Mitsubishi Electric equipment.1

Parts only warranty

Fully matched systems only.2

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7-Year Warranty

Daikin D1 Business Partner

All new Daikin UK Split Type Air Conditioning equipment (Non-VRV).

Parts only warranty

Fully matched systems only.2

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Up to 5-year warranty

All new Daikin VRV, Panasonic, Midea, Toshiba, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries equipment benefits from a 5-year warranty, with all other non-consumable parts, equipment, and labour covered by our 1- to 3-year Kool It Services warranties.3

5-Year Warranty

New equipment:

All Daikin VRV, Panasonic, Midea, Toshiba, Samsung, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

Parts only warranty

Fully matched systems only.2

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3-Year Warranty

New equipment:

All J & E Hall Cellar Cooling and Fusion Scroll Condensing Units.

Parts only warranty

Fully matched systems only.2

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1-Year Warranty

New equipment:

All service parts, other non-consumable parts, and equipment including condensate removal pumps.

All other new manufacturer systems not covered by our 3- to 10-year warranties. 3

Kool It labour warranty:

Removal of faulty parts and installation of the new warranty replacement parts.

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1. Applies to new systems installed after 01 November 2021. Please refer to our Diamond Quality Partner Warranty Terms & Conditions.

2. Service parts have a 1-year warranty when purchased separately, outside of a matched pair installed system.

3. Excludes all refrigerant gas, Oxygen Free Nitrogen (OFN), brazing gasses, consumables, and oils. Our used equipment is covered by variable warranties. Please contact us for further details. Terms and exceptions apply.

Preventative maintenance contracts

To ensure your system(s) operates at full efficiency, provide long trouble-free operation, and comply with all manufacturers’ warranty terms, a preventative maintenance contract will be required.

Any non-warranty parts, such as replaceable filters, drive belts, etc, required will (subject to your authorisation) be fitted on these visits and invoiced as required.

All manufacturers recommend their systems be maintained, in a general commercial environment, twice a year. In a server room environment it is recommended that four visits per year are carried out.

If you already have a maintenance contract with us, the system(s) will be added to the current contract at a pro-rata’d rate.

If you do not have an existing maintenance contract with us then a full service and maintenance quotation will be provided.

Upon taking out this agreement, the visit dates will automatically be scheduled by our computer maintenance programme, and the agreement will continue until one party cancels in writing.

A copy of the agreement can be provided to yourselves, complete with terms and conditions, when requested.

We strongly recommend that you safeguard your investment with a maintenance agreement, as failure to correctly maintain the system(s) will invalidate the warranty.

Find out more about our Kool It Service and Maintenance Contracts.

Kool It Services warranty terms

Any parts, in the opinion of the manufacturer, that prove to be defective within the warranty period, from the date of installation, due to faulty workmanship or manufacture will be supplied free of charge.

Our labour warranty covers removal of old faulty parts and installation of the new warranty replacement parts for a period of one year from the date of installation.

In the event of a system breakdown after the initial labour warranty period has expired a charge would be made for diagnosis of fault, removal of faulty parts, and refitting of any new warranty replacement parts, as required.

Should any refrigerant gas leak from the system(s) during the warranty period, due to any reason, the cost of the replacement refrigerant gas is to be borne by the client as no manufacturer covers refrigerant gas under their warranty terms (as it not a part, it is a consumable in their opinion). The current cost of refrigerant gas is such that this cost cannot be absorbed by Kool It Services Ltd.

This warranty offer is subject to the unit being maintained to the manufacturers’ recommendations by Kool It Services Ltd for the entire duration of the warranty period.

If an alternative service agent (other than Kool It Services Ltd) is appointed to carry out the maintenance and/or servicing of the systems, then the responsibility warranty passes to them, as we cannot be responsible for work carried out by others.

Please note that failure to maintain the system to manufacturers recommendations will result in the warranty becoming null and void.

Please contact us for further information or to request your free site survey or quotation.

Here's how it works...

Example 1

Six months after installation, a condensate pump fails. The condensate pump isn’t a Mitsubishi part, however, because the failure is within 12 months from installation, we will repair or replace the pump for the customer, free of charge.

Example 2

Ten months after installation, an air conditioning unit starts dripping water. Our investigations find that the cause of the fault is dirt blocking the filters.

Our team will clean the filters and, given that the problem is not due to faulty workmanship or manufacture, the customer is charged for our visit.

Example 3

Four years after installation, a Mitsubishi Electric compressor fails on a system. Assuming a maintenance contract has been in place since installation, Mitsubishi Electric pay for the new compressor, however, the customer is charged for our diagnosis visit, return visit to fit the compressor, and any gas, oils, or consumables used during the repair.

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