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How air conditioning can increase retail sales

The retail shopping experience is all about giving people a comfortable environment. Ensuring that shops and shopping malls are at an optimum temperature helps achieve the perfect shopping experience.

How air conditioning can help increase retail footfall & sales

While air conditioning is generally considered to be all about cooling, in reality the air circulation provided by efficient air conditioning systems also provides a significant and noticeable health benefit by cleaning the air.

Air conditioning systems also need to be correctly regulated and maintained so that they extract just the right amount of moisture. If too much moisture is extracted, the air becomes very dry and mucous membrane problems like dry and itchy or watery eyes could be experienced along with other sinus related problems.

However, if too little moisture is extracted, then problems with mould and mildew could occur which could lead to very severe and serious consequences.

Air conditioning on a hot summer shopping day

On a hot summer day, an effective air conditioning system serves to bring people into the shops for completely different reasons.

By keeping malls and shopping areas cool, people generally congregate there to escape the heat and this is an ideal way to capture the impulsive buyer or shopper who would not otherwise have visited.

On these days care must be taken to place items that move close to doors and areas where people just browsing can see them. By doing this, you are encouraging the casual shopper to show an interest in the item and enticing them into your store so that you can up sell them on additional items also. As anyone in retail knows, the hardest part is getting someone to walk in, once you have accomplished this, half of the sale has been made!

Benefiting the sales floor

Having the perfect air conditioning temperature is not just a benefit to the customers, however. The sales people on the floor experience all of the positive and negative elements of incorrect temperature and humidity settings and in reality they are the people interacting with the customers.

If the temperature is not right, their mood and attitude can become negatively impacted which will have a direct correlation on how they will interact with the customers in the shop.

The best way to increase sales is by providing that extra level of service as not only will the customers buy from you this time, they will come back for more later, and if you do not look after the people responsible for making those sales happen, then you may be limiting the amount of sales your shop could generate.

Sales in retail is about much more than just offering the best price, it is about juggling a variety of different factors to influence your customers, and just like in an office environment, it is first about your own team and employees. If you give them the right tools and an environment which is conducive to carry out their job, they will always go that extra mile for you!

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